Лого Zen Koi

Zen Koi

1 ноября 2015 |  DROIDOFF


Zen Koi - выращивайте, разводите и собирайте красочных Кой на пути к мирному совершенству в стильной и новой игре.

Grow, breed, and collect colourful Koi on the way to peaceful transcendence in the stylish new experience from LandShark Games Zen Koi. With soothing gameplay and a meditative soundtrack by System Sovereign and SFX by IMBA, Zen Koi is a unique blend of languid action and strategic collection. Level your Koi by chasing and consuming a wide variety of animated little fish. Find other Koi and breed to create rare patterned offspring. Progress along a mythological path of expansion, guiding your Koi toward its final ascension into dragon form.



- Free to play;
- Soothing, intuitive gameplay;
- Unique smooth flowing action;
- Calming atmosphere and beautifully toned environment;
- Hundreds of Koi types for collection, including hard to find rares;
- Share Koi patterns with friends;
- Limited edition Koi pattern awarded to the first players to download and play.

Android 2.3 и выше

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