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Лого The War Heroes 1943-3D

The War Heroes 1943-3D


Скриншот The War Heroes 1943-3D №1Скриншот The War Heroes 1943-3D №2Скриншот The War Heroes 1943-3D №3Скриншот The War Heroes 1943-3D №4

The War Heroes 1943-3D - участвуйте в авиа баталиях в 3D во 2 мировой войне.

The graphics are 3D and the game adopts various combat perspectives, which are better than the 2D shooting games. You can select many different aircraft and weapons to complete levels and shoot enemies. You can slide the screen to control the aircraft and it will shoot automatically. You can use peerless bombs and shield to avoid attack. The aircraft will crash when its HP used up. The coins that you get can be used to strengthen the firepower and defense, buy new aircraft and weapons,etc. There are two kinds of modes : the survive mode ,completing tasks with other players; and the versus mode, competing with other players.




- Smooth game control;
- Feature levels bring you fun;
- Vivid music is in harmony with the game;
- Add different game scenes and power-ups;
- Share achievements with your friends.

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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