Лого Urban Tank War 3D

Urban Tank War 3D

2 июня 2014 |  AMEPOH


Эта новая игра имеет большие возможности по сравнению со всеми подобными играми выпущенными до этого.

This new 3D Tank war has great features as compared to all the tank war games before this.You are facing two sets of enemy, the enemy tanks and the self activated machine Guns. These machine guns are activated any time once you are close to it.
So get yourself ready for the fight of your life against all the odds, the tanks will attack you with the rate of notts. Try to finish them with one shot, as you have limited bullets, you can get extra ammunition, once you touch the ammo box.
Each hit from the enemy tank or the machine gun will reduces your fuel, there is only one fuel point to fill ur fuel needs, also you can access the aid kit to help you with your fuel needs.

So good Luck and have fun!!!!!!!!

- Touch and drag finger any where on the screen for tank movement and rotation in any direction;
- Tank fire will destroy the target with a single direct hit;
- Get extra ammunation from the ammo box;
- Refuel your tank by hitting fuel tank or the aid kit.


- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing explosion effects;
- Different Levels with new Mission and new HD environments;
- Tank fires bullets to attack the nemies;
- Enemy Tanks and machine guns are fighting you with Artificial Intelligence (AI);
- Support for HD phone devices and tablets;
- Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI).

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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