Лого UFOs Love Cows

UFOs Love Cows

13 сентября 2015 |  DROIDOFF


UFOs Love Cows - воруем коров. Отличная игрушка на платформе андроид. Желаем приятной игры ;-)

Step into the cockpit of a master alien thief, racing over the landscape to abduct Earth’s most precious resource…Cows! Blast farmers and puny human traps and defenses as you “liberate” hapless cattle in an endless adventure jammed with humor.

Maneuver your UFO over the pastoral countryside where back woods farmers have fabricated elaborate defenses to safeguard their precious cows with scarecrow decoys, fake cow bombs, and an arsenal of turrets and barrage balloons.

Evade Earth’s defense plans, zoom through mines, and blast through fortified towns. Equip game-changing boosts, conquer legions of enemies, and survive over-the-top abduction action!


  • Pilot your UFO with ultra-simple, single-finger control.
  • Daily Rewards: Play every day to increase the potential value of your reward.
  • Collect cows to spend on alien captains and mighty boost abilities.
  • Outdo your friends on weekly GameCircle leaderboards.
  • Vibrant and comical 3D art style.
  • Hours and hours of challenging missions.

Android 4.0 и выше

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