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Лого Birdie Blast GOLD

Birdie Blast GOLD


Скриншот Birdie Blast GOLD №1Скриншот Birdie Blast GOLD №2
Скриншот Birdie Blast GOLD №3Скриншот Birdie Blast GOLD №4

Birdie Blast GOLD - отличный ремейк на игру Flappy Bird.

Extract from Pixelinvoke's lunatic Birdie Blast GOLD EDITION questionner:

1. A terribly annoying bird is flying on your device's screen. You've got a fleet of weapons at your fingertips. What do you do?

A) Watch a scientific film about the ornithological wonders of planet Earth.
B) Have a cup of coffee.
C) Or tea.
D) Blast the hell out of Birdie!

Naturally, the answer that makes the most sense is D, and you can do what D says in this PREMIUM game!




GREAT WEAPONS! Use rocks, bombs, TNT, guns, other birds, fruits and more, to make this maddeningly irritating feathery critter suffer!

CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY! As you reach higher and higher levels your skills are tested more and more.

COLLECT STARS! Stars are an integral part of Birdie Blast GOLD EDITION, collect as much as you can to unlock new and insane looking worlds!

DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT! Actually, you can do much more than that. By destroying game elements such as pipes in the correct way you can use them to damage Birdie.

AMAZING GRAPHICS! Birdie Blast is set in an astonishingly colorful, skilfully drawn and cleverly animated pixel-art world. You'll have fun even by watching someone else play.

FUN EFFECTS AND SOUNDTRACKS! Birdie Blast's unique sounds and music are very cheerful to fit the game's friendly theme. But next to being comic in many ways, the songs and sounds are melodic and musically interesting to listen to.

So... what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD BIRDIE BLAST GOLD EDITION NOW!

Android 2.3 и выше

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