Лого turtle tumble

turtle tumble

13 июля 2015 |  DROIDOFF


turtle tumble - аркадный мультяшный "мини-гольф" на андроид.

tumble, burst and bend your way to victory in this fun twist on mini golf! help find ollie's family by exploring the holes of the courses, many of which have been invaded by other pesky animals.

- Play as ollie's entire family as you rescue them! each turtle tumbles a little differently
- Tons of holes to perfect, with a new free hole every day to three star with "today's tumble"
- Earn entire outfits by playing and discovering ollie's world. each piece of an outfit can be mixed and matched with other outfits for your own look.
- Special modes in every course. polar peak will freeze over, breezy beach transforms during low tide, and cutlass cove may send you on a treasure hunt!
- Bounce off of mushrooms, get shocked by jellyfish, bust through watermelons, ice, or sandcastles, and even shoot out of a cannon
- Small download size!

Go ahead and this game a good tumble!


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Android 4.0 и выше

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