Лого Trolls vs Vikings

Trolls vs Vikings

21 июля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Trolls vs Vikings - будьте готовы к мега увлекательному и активному приключению в виде стратегии.

Get ready for a mega fun and action packed strategy adventure! Embark on an amazing journey across a fun and mythical world, where peaceful Trolls and magical creatures face Vikings and their Gods! Can you win this epic battle?




* 70+ Story Levels – 20+ hours of gameplay;
* 40+ wacky and wonderful characters;
* Astounding depth of play - Unlock Hard mode, discover an all new game;
* Movable and active units - More fun, more action;
* Massive Boss fights – Thor, Odin and others;
* Social features – Beat your friends;
* Hundreds of dynamic Valhalla ‘endless’ levels;
* Labor of Love – We love this genre, and have made a game we really like to play ourselves.

And much much more ... Try it now! You'll love it too!

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Android 4.0 и выше

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