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Лого Tatsu: Challenge

Tatsu: Challenge


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Tatsu: Challenge is an innovative new action-puzzle game designed specifically for your touchscreen device!

HOW TO PLAY Tatsu: Challenge
Sphere "triplets" come at you from the left end of the screen. Slide the spheres on the right end of the screen up and down to make room for the triplet. Complete a column and it will disappear, and you'll earn points. Don't let the spheres accumulate; if they reach the left side of the screen, the game is over!

In Tatsu: Challenge, you advance through a series of levels. Each level starts out with some spheres already present; you must clear out all of those spheres to continue on to the next level.

Are you left-handed? Just activate "Lefty Mode" in the options!


- Responsive touch controls!
- 4 difficulty settings: fun for all skill levels!
- 150 unique levels, including occasional "shuffle" levels that are different every time you play!
- Works great on tablets as well as phones!
- Smooth framerate on most devices!

Android 1.6 и выше

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