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Лого Mountain Bike Challenge

Mountain Bike Challenge


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Mountain Bike Challenge - отличный велотриал на андроид.

A brand new 3D sports game from the developers of the Ski Challenge series: Mountain Bike Challenge! Become a professional mountain bike racer and discover the world in 8 unique levels. Every level contains at least 4 tracks, which can be tackled in various race modes such as Circuit Race, Start-Finish Race or Time Attack. Master the challenges and collect all the stars to unlock the next level. You can also earn MTB Coins by completing races and achievements, which you can use to purchase items and new bikes in the MTB Shop.




- 8 unique levels located across the globe: Alpine Woods, Temple Path, Frozen Flats and many more!
- 4 to 6 different tracks per level with various race modes
- 4 bikes with differing characteristics available for purchase in the MTB Shop. Find the right bike for every track!
- Take care of your rider's health! Trade your coins in for a medipack and other useful items to protect your rider.
- Supported languages: German, English, Spanish, French.

Mountain Bike Challenge is available in the Google Play Store, in the Apple App Store and on Facebook!

Android 2.3 и выше

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