Лого Tales of the Adventure Company

Tales of the Adventure Company

15 июня 2014 | AMEPOH


Tales of the Adventure Company - продолжение хардкорной Pixel RPG на андроид.

Join the Adventure Company on their dangerous quest to obtain riches and glory! You'll battle terrifying liches, horrific slimes and even the gods!


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* Unique blend of RPG, puzzle, and roguelike elements;
* Fight dangerous monsters and save brave heroes across five unique episodes;
* Over 25 unique monsters, each with different abilities;
* Nearly 10 unique heroes, allowing you to build your Adventure Company as you see fit;
* Leaderboards for each episode;
* Variety of achievements and heroes/abilities to unlock;
* Optimized to play in one hand/portrait mode, so you can play on the go. No need to fumble around with your phone's orientation;
* No hidden freemium/timers/IAP content - your purchase is a full, complete game, just like the old days.

Android 2.3 и выше

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