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Лого Table Ice Hockey 3D

Table Ice Hockey 3D


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Table Ice Hockey 3D - новый настольный хоккей.

You've probably already played our popular table football app, so now try your hand at Table Ice Hockey 3D.

Its fast paced, in 3D with realistic physics so you know there's going to be lots of COOL fun.

This is not like air hockey, instead your men are on rods similar to table football. Touch anywhere on the pole to slide back or forwards, and you swipe up or down to spin them.

There's a choice of strip so you can choose to be your favorite Ice Hockey Team - The Boston Bruins, The Ducks, The Sharks, Blackhawks, etc.

Play against the computer or set up your very own mini NHL champion tournament with your friends. Sorry this is not an online game though, you'll need to face your opponent across the ice on your mobile or tablet. Play with either 2 men a side or 3 men a side, on small mobiles though we'd advise 2 man teams unless you have very nimble fingers.

We've made the players and puck a little chunky to improve the game experience on smaller devices, but if they do have a 12 foot touch screen down the pub then that would look really awesome.

So enjoy our table Ice Hockey 3D app, I would write more but I've got a friendly game between USA and Canada to finish.

Best of 5 goals wins, if playing against the computer then you play from left to right. Have Fun!

Android 2.3 и выше

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nickolas пн, 19/05/2014 - 13:23
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Cube U30GT

Простенький и примитивненький хоккей. В отличии от версии в маркете, выложенная здесь не содержит рекламы.


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