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Лого Straylings



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Straylings has been developed to test the players' mastery of skills, and to identify gaps in the players' knowledge or abilities.

Straylings can be played alone, or under the supervision of a parent or teacher.

Future Updates

Future updates will include more topics, more creatures and uncover more of the story behind the mysterious Straylings. Play against friends and share achievements and scores.

A dashboard for parents and teachers will share detailed progress for one or more players.


The included grammar skills are the first of many to be released. Future skills will cover a range of different topics including vocabulary, punctuation, spelling, algebra, geometry, statistics and many more.

The grammar skills tested in the Grammar Revision modules are:
Determiners - Articles, Quantifiers and Demonstratives;
Agreements - Subject Verb Agreements and Antecedent Pronoun Agreements;
Forming Questions - W-H questions and Question Tags

This level of grammar revision is for players who already read well in English and want to test their knowledge of and proficiency in various grammar usage skills. It is particularly useful for those preparing for English Language Proficiency Tests and students entering high school.

The rules for Grammar Revision are based on the British Council's Learn English website.

Android 2.3 и выше

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