Лого Spin Commander

Spin Commander

7 июля 2015 |  DROIDOFF


Spin Commander - это уникальная игра. Вы ранее никогда не играли в подобные игры. Улучшайте свои навыки в одиночном режиме или играйте с друзьями в режиме мультиплеера.

*This game requires a Gyroscope (G-Sensor) on your device*

(1) Spin to rotate your avatar;
(2) Shoot incoming enemies;
(3) Survive as long as you can.

Sounds simple? You should find out!

This game is a unique experience! There is nothing similar out there.
Train you skills in singleplayer mode or play together with a friend in multiplayer mode.

In multiplayer mode you are controlling the avatar on your friend's device and he is controlling yours. Push away all enemies and survive as long as you can together!

Will you be able to reach the final stage?



-) Unique game and controls concept;
-) 10 challenging stages;
-) Boss enemy;
-) Final stage with time mode;
-) Multiplayer via Wifi;
-) Achievements, highscores & player rank;
-) Pro version: dark color theme;
-) Pro version: hardcore mode.

Android 2.3 и выше

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