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Ready Set Brazil

23 апреля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Ready Set Brazil - аркадные гонки на андроид, с красочной графикой.

Are you ready to take the biggest crowd of cheering fans around Brazil?

Race the most exciting races to collect fans and support your Racing team to become a Champion. An adventure is waiting for you to enjoy the Carnaval, the Favelas and another amazing circuits. Experience the adrenaline of Brazil in the 2014 in the eve of the most important soccer event.

- MULTIPLAYER 100% REAL! In RS Brazil You don’t race against Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using a new innovative mechanism you always compete against real users around the world.

- PUT YOUR T-SHIRT ON! Choose your team: Brazil, Germany, Spain, England, United States or any other classified team. You can also play with the Popemobile or a pretty funny Carnival Float. Gather the major amount of fans by going through the arcs, those ones help you to win the tournaments.

-FACE TO FACE CHALLENGES! Use the Challenge mode to race against your friends and other users to win great prizes. You have only one chance to get a higher score then you opponent and make yourself with the treasure.



- BE THE FIRST IN THE CATEGORIES! Play in the general tournament to go up from your category and put yourself with the best drivers of the WORLD!. Get to the first league is not that easy, but surely you got the courage to do it.

- ARM UP YOUR CAR OF POWER UPS! RS Brazil! it’s full of surprises, use the power ups and make your opponents spin like tornados or blow them away with an explosive rocket.

- UPGRADE YOUR CAR! Improve the acceleration, resistance and speed of your car. Try not to crash during the race, or you will have to repair your car before racing again. Buy unique cars from other countries, while yours is repairing,every of them with a very particular aesthetic so you can play meanwhile your cars are getting repaired in the garage.

- DELICIA DO BRASIL! While racing these funny competitions do not forget take a look around, the stunning Brazilian landscapes are there to delight you. The colorful and bright Carnival, the freshness and sun of Copacabana beach, and the rustic Favelas from Río de Janeiro.

Get it now, and experience amazing races and challenges full of adrenaline!


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