Лого Football Rush 2014 Brazil

Football Rush 2014 Brazil

27 мая 2014 | AMEPOH


Football Rush 2014: Brazil - убегаем от преследователя.

Dash through the busy vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro and dodge pass dangerous obstacles before the angry referee Santos chases Jose down with a red card penalty! It’s Jose versus the world! Can he make it in time for the ultimate Dream Football Shootout Challenge?!

Don't ask why's Jose running against the traffic! Just dodge all the traffic obstacles and RUN from angry Santos! Kids, do not try this at home, keep the action in your phone! Hours of endless fun awaits you.

- RUSH as fast as you can and use your amazing swiping skills to dodge, swerve and avoid incoming traffic obstacles;
- UNLOCK AND LEVEL UP your skills permanently!
- RANDOM levels and obstacles keeps your gameplay fresh every time!
- KICK your friends' avatar off the streets as you overtake their score and emerge champion on the ranking leaderboard!
- PICK UP special power-ups along the way to boost your high score!
- GLIDE and surf above the streaming power lines with Gliders
- USE MAGNETS to collect and earn as many mango currencies as you dash!
- JUMP HIGHER with Air Shoes to avoid dangerous trucks and buses!
- DOUBLE YOUR SCORE with Rainbow Socks!
- BURST through any obstacles with the invincible Shield Vest!
- GET MORE Free Kick Bonuses and Dribble Bonuses as you complete achievements and feats!


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- No paywalls! (wait, what?)
- Absolutely 100% FREE to download and FREE to play!
- Brilliant, colorful and vivid 3D graphics
- Easy swiping controls built for all kids and adults to enjoy!
- Share your scores on social media and compete with friends
- Offline mode available! Play at your own leisure, no internet connection required
- Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia,中文,日本語ไทย
- Optimized for Samsung S3/S4/Note 2/Tab and all large screen devices!

Jose is in a rush and this is not a good day! He needs to get to 2014’s biggest shootout finals NOW but his schedule is all messed up and he's really running out of time!

Here’s the kick - mischievous Jose went and kicked his ball right into referee Santos’ temple and now he's out for Jose's hide! If he catches him, he WILL stop Jose from entering the championship! Help Jose run as fast as he can and escape from the angry referee. Has he met his match already?!

And don’t forget he still needs that football! Help Jose dribble his way to the mega Dream Football Shootout Championship Cup and become the next big football super star winner! Hurry, you need to speed up!

Android 2.3 и выше

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