Лого Pizza Bike Delivery Boy

Pizza Bike Delivery Boy

5 мая 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Вы курьер по доставке пиццы.

You are a pizza bike delivery boy.

Your goal is to deliver pizzas to the client as fast and as hot as you can without letting them fall from the bike.
If the delivery (pizza) will be cold, you will receive a small tip, if you'll deliver it fast while it's still hot, you will get a huge tip!

As a pizza boy, you want to get a promotion in your job.
To deliver pizzas on bigger bikes & cars in cooler cities and worlds.
The sky is the limit here, you can even buy a Jeep or a Dirt Bike and deliver these pizza's in dirt roads !




* 7 different vehicles (mostly bikes but there are more to come, even helicopters! so stay tuned);
* 5 different worlds (same here, more worlds are planned for the next updates);
* Many interesting tracks for each world;
* Many cool achievements to achieve;
* Cool vibrations effects by Immersion;
* Beautiful graphics by the best designers;
* Realistic sound effects;
* LiquidFun engine with real water physics is implemented.


* Choose a bike;
* Choose a city;
* Right pedal to accelerate and Left pedal for brake;
* Front/Back Flips, AirTime/Wheelies/Stoppies tricks will give you a nice bonus!
* Tilt right and left accordingly to avoid flipping the bike and spoiling the pizza, or to make tricks;
* Sell all your pizzas in the shortest amount of time;
* Achievements are shown on the loading screen, if you accomplish them, you will earn extra money;
* Supports external controllers, dpads & keyboards.

Android 2.2 и выше

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