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Лого Mold on Pizza

Mold on Pizza


Скриншот Mold on Pizza №1Скриншот Mold on Pizza №2
Скриншот Mold on Pizza №3Скриншот Mold on Pizza №4

Mold on Pizza - забавная аркада на андроид о пицце и её ингридиентах.

Mold on Pizza is a mold-growing game to fight against the Preservative troops and win pizza. Meet 52 kinds of characterful molds and preservatives!
"Pang", a cute mold who loves pizza, was floating around in the air when it recognized an inviting smell of pizza.
Pang rushed to the pizza right away, but there were heaps of the Preservative troops to fight against molds.
As soon as Pang arrived, they started attacking it!
Pang got very angry and decided to gather all its friends and eat up the pizza!
So now, you help Pang and its friends to knock the Preservative troops down and take the pizza!

If there are too many Preservatives, turn on "the Humidifier" and supply more moisture to our friends, molds.
It will immediately get moldy!



You can meet Pang and his friends while Exploring 8 different areas of pizza world such as the Broccoli Forest, Olive Hill, Hot sauce River.
But in each area, terrible Preservative bosses are blocking up and defending the pizza.
Beat the mighty bosses and save Pang's friends!

Give "toppings" that you've obtained while exploring the pizza world to the molds and make them more powerful.
Let’s meet 52 diverse and unique molds and preservatives!

Android 2.3 и выше

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