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Лого Nightmare Escape

Nightmare Escape


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Nightmare Escape - хватит ли Вам находчивости, чтобы сбежать из дома клоуна Petko. Отличный хоррор на андроид, который не оставит Вас равнодушными.

Are you smart enough to escape from Petko and his house? Are you tired of escape the room games that you just go through the levels without any idea of why you are doing it? Well, this one is different, it tells a story. This place full of incredible puzzles and brain teasers is waiting for you.

The revolutionary gameflow will take you in a house that have been empty for more than 100 years. The mystery and the horrific situations are around every corner so come only if you are prepared.



The story is for a family that give its child a present for his birthday. A clown named Petko who is big and funny. It turned out the clown started communicating with the kid and the boy liked him at the begining until the time Petko started telling him to do stuff he doesn't like. In the first level it is said that the child succeeded in locking the clown in a room but in order to escape the room you will open it for him also.

The horror that awaits outside the room is even worse and you would wish to just stayed and never tried to run. The mystery behind Petko is deeper than it looks on first sight. Solve the problems and you will be safe, or will you?

Android 4.0 и выше

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