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Лого NASCAR Manager

NASCAR Manager


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Официальная игра NASCAR на андроид.

NASCAR MANAGER is the all new official NASCAR game that puts you in the team management seat of the most popular motorsport in North America. Delivering the first strategic racing game to fans and players worldwide, you decide how your team performs and whether you make it to The Chase. Learn the strategies and tactics needed to succeed in a race, and balance the car set-ups specific to particular tracks! Take on the biggest names from the 2014 season like Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, and recruit the biggest sponsors to generate your revenue and upgrade your key elements on the car to get the most out of it at each track! All with the ultimate aim of managing your way to the top and winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series!


• 9 DAYTONA SPEEDWEEKS CHALLENGES to get you up to speed!
• Use the ‘REWIND’ function mid-race to improve your performance!
• CAREER MODE – Train your team, improve the car, set the strategies and compete for the Championship!
• Take on your favorite team and driver in the full Sprint Cup Series in SEASON MODE!
• UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION – Tweak the engine, harden the chassis, soften the brakes! Gain that extra edge over your opponents when and where it counts!
• All the OFFICIAL drivers, tracks, cars and sponsors from the 2014 Sprint Cup Series!
• MANUFACTURERS/SPONSORS – Choose from Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford, unlock sponsorship deals, and reap the rewards of your race-improving strategies!
• Stunning gameplay sequences with GENRE-LEADING GRAPHICS that take you through each race and track your progress!

Android 4.1 и выше

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