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Rally Champs

3 июня 2014 | AMEPOH


Rally Champs - эта захватывающая серия ралли имеет новую графику, аудио, физический движок, новые транспортные средства и новый игровой движок.

Rally champs is a seat of your pants 3D racing experience where you get to manage your very own rally style racing team. This exciting rally series features new graphics, audio, physics engine, new vehicles and a new game engine. Drive for your team in an exciting racing series spanning the globe and culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer victory.

The driver's world championship and manufacturer's world championship are similar events which will challenge your driving skill in a mix of pure arcade cart racing action and World Rally Championship / Global RallyCross Championship style events.

World Rally Racing Features:
• Stunning detailed 3D modeled rally cars and racetrack environments using Unity 3D game engine;
• Beautiful High Resolution Graphics for Retina Resolutions.


• 10 progressive racing arenas;
• 5 Varied Race Car levels;
• 4 Upgrade options for all cars (Brake, Accelerate, Engine, Tires);
• Online leaderboards with Fastest Lap points (coming soon);
• Over 100 customizable character options including;
• Brakes;
• Accelerate;
• Engine;
• Tires;
• Unique Driver death game play that accounts for car on car collision;
• Special Abilities Boost packs both Speed , Health and Shield based;
• 20 Different Professional Custom Rally Cars.

Using a limited pool of drivers and team race cars, you must compete in a series of racing venues and events while maintaining your race team and improving your team vehicle. By winning races and earning money the player is able to purchase cars and liveries (skins) for the cars.

The amount of money earned is based on the difficulty level picked by the player when selecting the event; higher difficulty levels have more challenging AI opponents and more realistic damage effects. Completed events can be repeated at any time, although unless challenged at a higher difficulty level, the player will earn significantly less money than when they first raced it. Try to keep your race clean and finish in the lead with as little damage as possible to your car.

Android 2.3 и выше

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