Лого Might & Mayhem

Might & Mayhem

4 сентября 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Might & Mayhem - отличная RPG на андроид с режимом PVP.

Bring the Mayhem. Fight for Might!

BATTLE! your friends and foes in live PvP battles;
QUEST! for glory with single-player missions and epic boss fights;
LOOT! enemies for gold and lost treasure;
CREATE! an army of heroes from across the realm;
EXPLORE! the Lost Kingdom in stunning 3D environments;
EVOLVE! your troops from scrappy fighters to elite warriors;
CUSTOMIZE! fighters by equipping battle-changing items;
DISCOVER! new strategies with different fighter combinations.



King Dragon's flames burned away the old realm, and his monsters rule the ashes. But an ember of hope still flickers, waiting for the right hero to rekindle it: You!

Get ready for Might & Mayhem, an arcade-style battle strategy game with live PvP battles and epic single-player quests! Assemble your team of knights, bandits, wizards, goblins, robots and monsters and strike out for adventure! Create new strategies with different fighter combinations and customize your troops with battle-changing items to destroy the competition and loot them for treasure!

Conquer the Lost Kingdom and defeat King Dragon to save the realm and become a Legendary Hero! Glory is YOURS for the taking!

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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