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Лого Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny

Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny


Скриншот Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny №1Скриншот Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny №2Скриншот Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny №3Скриншот Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny №4

Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny - неплохая аркадная игра на андроид.

The Lost: Dark Maze of Destiny is a maze (labyrinth) game in a new way with the familiar graphics and beautiful sounds.

One day you will wake up in the labyrinth.

But you don't know how and why you came to this place.
You need to find the exit to escape with only a few items and maps.
In the somber labyrinth your vision is limited and the Labyrinth is coming down gradually crumbling.
You have to get out of the Labyrinth within the time limit and you must overcome all difficulties and fighting the Minotaur who are hidden in the dark.
Can you find the way through the labyrinth to the hidden riches?
Will you be able to defeat the Minotaur guarding the Labyrinth?
You are...... Lost.

● Maze (labyrinth) game in a new way

Story, quests and item added to the classic Maze (labyrinth) game

● A total of 12 stages

12 mazes (labyrinth) and 7 difficulty levels

● Special card system

In each stage there is a treasure chest that contains a special card.
You can use a special ability from the card.

● Beautiful 12 BGM

● 5 languages ​​supported

Korean, German, English, Japanese(partially), Chinese(partially) language support are available.
The language is automatically set according to what the language of your device.

Android 2.2 и выше

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