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Лого Jets - Flying Adventure

Jets - Flying Adventure


Скриншот Jets - Flying Adventure №1Скриншот Jets - Flying Adventure №2Скриншот Jets - Flying Adventure №3Скриншот Jets - Flying Adventure №4

Jets - Flying Adventure - раннер на андроид, в котором нас ждет путешествие по Амстердаму.

Vrooooom… Try your pilot skills and navigate your paper plane through a cardboard world in the awesome flying game Jets. Watch out for trams and boats along the canals of Amsterdam. Try the fun-packed single player mode or challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode.

Have you ever wanted to fly a paper plane over the canals? This is your chance!
The first endless flyer missions of Jets' are set in a unique papercraft version of Amsterdam, the home-base of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. New world cities will be added to the game; one metropolis after another.

The unique cardboard version of Amsterdam is designed with an incredible eye for detail. The developers added quirky elements, such as functioning drawbridges, trams that ring their bells when you get too close, and rusty bikes about to fall in the canal.



- Unlock new missions, collect items and set high scores in the fun-packed single player mode;
- Challenge your friends in exciting turn-based multiplayer mode;
- Beautifully designed papercraft art style;
- Challenging missions that progress with your skills;
- Instantly share your endless flyer victory on social media;
- Steer your paper plane, using the responsive swipe controls;
- Fly your paper plane through the center of old Amsterdam and over the famous canals;
- Amazing eye for detail, like trams that ring their bells when you get too close and rusty bikes about to fall in the canal;
- Players flying KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can earn an extra in-game reward at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol;
- Players that book a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight also get extra in-game goodies.

Unique link to the real world
The Jets endless flying adventure extends from the papercraft world to the real world. When Jets' players book a ticket on a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight they get rewarded with extra in-game goodies. And when they fly from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol they can get even more in-game goodies by arriving at their gate on time.

After the Dutch capital city, more papercraft versions of world cities will be added to the game later this year. One metropolis after another!

Android 4.1 и выше

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