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Лого Iowa



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Iowa - неплохая настольная игра на андроид.

Corn, corn everywhere!

Iowa for Android is a digital board game where players are put in the roles of corn farmers in the plains of Iowa.
Fighting the elements and the seasons in order to survive, Players take turns placing their workers to plant, grow, harvest, cook and sell all kinds of corn in order to create a successful farm and survive a full year until the end of the winter. But you must take good care of your workers, or they will abandon you!
The game ends when the last turn of Winter has passed by, or all players have lost their workers.
Iowa for Android will run on tablets with a minimum screen size of 480x360 (1024x600 or higher recommended), using Android versions 3.0 or higher.




• Android version of the Iowa board game;
• Pass n' Play mode for up to four players;
• Online multiplayer;
• Solo game play mode with optional AI adversaries;
• Adapted Iowa ruleset to take advantage of the Android's capabilities;
• Optimized for smartphones and tablets;
• 25 Achievements;
• Auto-save feature.

Android 2.3 и выше

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