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Лого Hill Race To Limbo

Hill Race To Limbo


Скриншот Hill Race To Limbo №1Скриншот Hill Race To Limbo №2Скриншот Hill Race To Limbo №3

Hill Race To Limbo - примите участие в ночных гонках.

We would like to present you one of the most addictive driving games of all time.

Play it for a while and you will definitely fall in love with the thrilling atmosphere.

Unlock lots of vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes etc.), upgrade them and try to drive as far as you can on different levels. Collect coins, stars and complete many challenging achievements.

Remember that driving through hills and mountains can be dangerous, try to not crash!
Also don't forget to pick up clocks, so you don't run out of time!
Maybe someday you will reach the limbo?

"Easy to play, hard to master" - they say!

Check rankings to compare your scores with your friends or with all the other players in the world.
Compete with them and try to be #1! Climb as high as you can!

There are lots of hill racing games out there, but this one is special and unique.




- Many different vehicles and levels;
- Lots of upgrades (60 levels of upgrades for each vehicle);
- Collect coins, clocks and stars;
- Achievements;
- Rankings;
- Fun and realistic physics;
- Easy controls;
- Amazing atmosphere (unique graphics and music).

Android 2.3 и выше

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