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Лого 4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free

4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free


Скриншот 4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free №1Скриншот 4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free №2Скриншот 4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free №3Скриншот 4x4 Hill Climb Driver 3D Free №4

Along the twists and turns of the climb, Get Ready for a hill racing challenge!
You get to drive transporting trucks on hills loaded with goods as you race to get them to the destination. The hill climbing can be exciting and adventurous as you have to maneuver and drive the heavy truck on a hilly and dangerous path. Look out for bumps and sharp turns as they can make the load fall off the trailer.
Hill Climbing with loaded trucks is the most challenging driver duty so learn how to be a perfect driver as you race against time to the warehouse uphill. This could be the hardest driving challenge ever as the heavy load, the massive size of trucks and climbing on a steep hill can get the best of you.
CAUTION: Don’t drop the load or you’ll destroy the goods and fail the level.

Hill Climb Driver 3D features include:
• 3 transporter truckers for you to drive uphill
• 30 exciting and adventurous hill climbing racing for you to enjoy
• Totally free and smooth gameplay
• Real 3D graphics and hilly environment for hill climbing

If you enjoy 4x4 Safari drive, 4x4 truck racing or 4x4 truck racing then we are sure you would love to drive this 4x4 truck on hill track. Stay tuned for next titles since this is just beginning for 4x4 driving experience.

Be the best Hill Climb Driver and accept this fun challenge to prove your driving skills on a hill climb race!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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