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Лого HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland

HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland


Скриншот HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland №1Скриншот HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland №2
Скриншот HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland №3

HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland - MMORPG на андроид с элементами SLG.

Lead brave guardians and loyal allies to defend your Skyland and beat off enemies. Fight to become the ultimate Legendary Warrior and regain your lost glory.
Build and manage your floating kingdom to produce Meat and Elixir. Recruit and upgrade mythical heroes to invade other players’ land.

At the frontier between the mortal realm and Heaven, a terrible clash of skyland war is raging…
HEROFALL is an epic mixture of Action MMORPG and strategy simulation game.

By Artme Games, winner of 2014 3D Game Unity contest.



In HEROFALL - Warlords of Skyland
✔Free to download and play with completely optional in-app purchases;
✔A unique gameplay combining ARPG and SLG elements;
✔Battle with players worldwide;
✔Defend your kingdom with a powerful Guardian: Grizzly Warrior, Chinese Lion or Minotaur;
✔Arrange your lots strategically and have the Conjurer monster build your Skyland into a bewildering maze;
✔Train an army of glorious guardians and monsters and set deadly traps to defend your floating realm against ruthless enemies;
✔Have the blacksmith monster craft legendary weapons and equipment for you;
✔Forge mighty alliances with league members and fight as clans;
✔Equip and upgrade heroes including Celestial Tiger, Brush Sorcerer and Snake Lady, half human, half monster;
✔Work your way up through the multiple titles: Lord, King and Emperor of Skyland!
✔Discover Chinese legend and enjoy a real clash of cultures!
✔Lead your hero into epic battles and become the Legendary Warrior!

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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