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Лого Lord of Heroes

Lord of Heroes


Скриншот Lord of Heroes №1Скриншот Lord of Heroes №2
Скриншот Lord of Heroes №3Скриншот Lord of Heroes №4

Lord of Heroes - создайте свою армию легенд. Играйте с друзьями или в одиночку в этой новой стратегии с элементами RPG и MOBA.
Create your own army of legends! Join your friends or fight alone in this hot new strategy RPG/MOBA hybrid.

Summon powerful Heroes and lead them in the fight to take back your homeland. They’re already strong, but you make them EPIC as you evolve their equipment, recruit their minions, unearth their most powerful relics, and teach them unique skills and spells. Your team is counting on YOU, and they’ll serve you loyally through hundreds of story levels, over a dozen unique battle activities, and an infinite PvP endgame.

You know you’re the best. Now’s your chance to prove it.

Will you be the ultimate Lord of Heroes?

★ Control over 50 Heroes! Hunt for rare Heroes, train them, and build an unbeatable team!
★ Invent new strategies by experimenting with 200+ million Hero combinations!
★ Climb the PvP rankings by battling real players from all over the world!
★Join epic 15-on-15 battles by joining a Legion or starting your own!
★ Drool over 100% 3D graphics! Bring battles to life by zooming and rotating in real-time.
★Explore haunted seas, ruined civilizations, and more over hundreds of story levels!
★ Design your own village! Will it be an elven fantasy forest or human war machine?
★ Play every hour of the day! Take captives, plunder relics, expand your land, fight zeppelins, protect baby chicks, and more, with over a dozen unique activities.
★ NO construction/upgrade timers to delay your progress!

You’ll always have new battles to fight and more teams to build. Claim what’s yours today!

Android 2.3 и выше

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