Лого Hero Detected! – RHE

Hero Detected! – RHE

21 мая 2014 | AMEPOH


Hero Detected! RHE - пиксельная аркада на андроид. Ваша задача спасти ваших воинов заключенных в замке.

Hero Detected! – Rescue Hero Edition;
The Dark Lord improsioned our heroes in their evil castle!
We must rescue them!
A sequel to our board game “Hero Detected”, the story of a new hero starts here!
Lots and Lots of heroes are caught by the Dark Lord.
Our new hero, that legendary, ‘Red Muffler-the rescue hero’, finally makes his move to let the heroes free!
Jump and slide to dodge various traps!
Rescue heroes from the jail, and help them go back home!
How many heros could be free from dark dim evil castle? It’s all up to you!


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Android 2.1 и выше

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