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Лого Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner

Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner


Скриншот Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner №1Скриншот Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner №2Скриншот Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner №3Скриншот Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner №4

Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner - раннер на андроид.

Why run when you can ride your motor-bike?
Why go slow when you can be a speed devil?

Meet Ghost, the biggest stunt biker menace to hit Stunt City.

Ride with him and his misfit friends in this new take of our favorite runner genre. Break all the speed limits and run through the entire Stunt City for free while chased by the police. Do amazing stunts with your awesome bikes, quads and skateboards.

Get Ghost! is the next generation runner game! You can ride bikes, jump, duck, rocket jump, glide, fly planes, climb on cars, ride clouds, jump on roofs and run through buildings.



Train Ghost to be a better stunt rider. Help him upgrade his runner powers. Get faster reflexes, run faster, get better glide wings for his bikes, stronger rockets for bigger jumps, extent armor and magnet timers for longer runs and many more.

Build up your score and you, Ghost and his stunt biker friends will bring havoc to Stunt City and all of the neighboring locations you run through.
Play the game and unlock new characters, bikes, Quads and skateboards. Complete quests and unlock fun new locations to play with. How many will you discover?

If all that isn't enough, harness your runner skills in Ghost's challenges. Play a number of fun, challenging levels and complete goals to earn coins and infamy.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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