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Лого Fantasy War Tactics

Fantasy War Tactics


Скриншот Fantasy War Tactics №1Скриншот Fantasy War Tactics №2Скриншот Fantasy War Tactics №3Скриншот Fantasy War Tactics №4

Fantasy War Tactics - красивая SRPG-игра на андроид.

★★★ Beta Test is now ON!! ★★★
Beta Test period: April 21st to April 30th PST
* Anyone can join now! Simply download the game to join the beta.
* We will reset all Beta Test play data at the official launch of the game.

☆☆☆ Game features ☆☆☆
▶ An exciting scenario full of Anime nostalgia!
Make your way through the adventure as an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world!
We invite you to the world of exotic fantasy where magic and machines coexist.

▶ Enjoy a totally different level of strategy!
Build up hundreds of diverse strategies based on the adversary system, attack direction and geographical aspects.
You won't be able to take your eyes off from these thrilling battles full of strategy!



▶ An exciting adventure lies ahead of you!
Unique map structures, stories from different regions and dungeons, challenges, epic showdowns (PvP), laboratories, expeditions and more. A great diversity of contents awaits you!

▶ Build up your team with mighty heroes!
Meet and join forces with unique heroes throughout clearing the dungeons.
Grow stronger as you level up using different kinds of strategies and choices.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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