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Fall of Angels

6 сентября 2015 |  DROIDOFF


Fall of Angels - это смесь фантастической JRPG с оригинальной историей, сосредаточенной на исследованиях и ролевой головоломки, воплощающей дух олдскульных приключений.

Fall of Angels is a fantastic JRPG with an engaging and original story with a focus on exploration and puzzles- a role playing game that carries the spirit of the old-school adventures.

- Engaging original storyline;
- Explore the many lands of Tellus from seaside towns to forgotten ruins in order to unravel the world's secrets;
- Interact directly with scenes of interest with a first-person view;
- Find items and tools hidden throughout the world to solve puzzles;
- Control a diverse cast of characters, each with their own story and skills;
- Old-school JRPG returns to the roots of the genre classics;
- No grinding or pay-to-win nonsense;
- Embark on an adventure that you'll never forget.



Fall of Angels is a return to the roots of adventure games, and to the important elements that make the game FUN.

The night that the skies were lit up with the fire of an electrical storm, an object pierced through the clouds and crashed into the foot of the Oshu mountains. No one knew it then, but that night the world of Tellus would change forever.

Control Sariel as he becomes embroiled in the events of that night, shining a light on the mysteries that go much deeper than they first appear, and ultimately lead to an adventure that takes everyone far beyond what they thought they knew.

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Android 3.0 и выше

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