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Лого Tower Fall: Robotic Madness

Tower Fall: Robotic Madness


Скриншот Tower Fall: Robotic Madness №1Скриншот Tower Fall: Robotic Madness №2Скриншот Tower Fall: Robotic Madness №3

Tower Fall: Robotic Madness - 2D платформер, в которой мы бегаем по одной карте, кидаем ножи во врагов, собираем те, которыми не попали. Динамичная игра, похожая на TowerFall.

Tower Fall is a fast-paced and filled with action small & simple game. The game is about smashing hordes of incoming robotic enemies, collecting mystery boxes which are hiding powerful weapons and smashing even more robot enemies.

♦ Tower Fall's game play ♦
Tower Fall core gameplay revolves around a 2D map. Enemies will continually spawn from the various points of the map, and come in six varieties like flying ghost, sharpshooters and many more. Your goal is to fight as many robot enemies as you can to put your name on the top of the leader-board.

♦ Fighting robot enemies ♦
Your robot slayer hero is equipped in set of 5 super-sharp throwing knifes (alternatively you can jump on robot enemies heads). Once you throw a knife you need to pick it up in order to use it again.

♦ Mystery crates ♦
Mysterious crates spawns randomly on the map. they are hiding very useful stuff like bonus life, deadly weapons and many more power ups which would help you fighting robots.

Enjoy unique gameplay of Tower Fall : Robotic Madness, fight hordes of robot enemies to unlock super robot slayer characters and be the best in global leader-boards!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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