Лого Epyx California Games (engl.)

Epyx California Games (engl.)

26 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


Epyx California Games (engl.) - принимаем участие в различных видах спорта.

Epyx® CaliforniaGames: Retroedition (englisch/english) California Games englisch/english Version!

Claim your starting position at the fantastic California Games and show your abilities at trendy sports, developed at U.S. county beaches, under the sun of the "Golden State". Train and take challenges in surfing, BMX racing, inline skating, and last but not least skateboarding.

California games offers a retro look of the 80th and a modern design. Countries, starter, difficulty levels and controls are freely adjustable or selectable. A statistic shows your training progress and outcomes of the challenges.

Where are you waiting for? Let's go to the virtual beach, into the sea, at the controls and enjoy the California feeling in a sporty environment.

Epyx® CaliforniaGames: Retroedition allows you to play in an 8bit retro look or in the more modern 16bit look.

This new version of the game was specifically designed for touch navigation of pads and mobile phones.

Thank you for buying Epyx® CaliforniaGames: Retroedition. You have bought a complete game and will not be bothered by any In-App purchases or ads. All boni and extras the game has to offer are already available to you.

Dies ist die englische Epyx® CaliforniaGames: Retroedition Version!
This is the english language version of Epyx® CaliforniaGames: Retroedition!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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