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Лого We are the World (Paid version)

We are the World (Paid version)


Скриншот We are the World (Paid version) №1Скриншот We are the World (Paid version) №2
Скриншот We are the World (Paid version) №3

We are the World (Paid version) - РПГ на андроид.

■ More and more above the stage and blow not feel a sense of fun in the free version to the paid version Arthur's World, you can enjoy a room updated daily.

■ Release commemorative event! ■
1. You can use it without any delay, skills and items such as the paid version released ^^

■ ■ About App
1. Various monsters appeared by the stage !!
2. Items window seukilchang and implement complete!
3. Implementing the store gold and cash purchase complete!
4. You can see the full ranking friends in real time ^^
5. The game easily cry all the gold in my mini-games ^^
6. tedious hunt is now a hero character strengthening reinforced Enchant go easy introduction!
7. integrate all the different people in the chat channel on the full implementation of cacao and stories with the community prepared !!



■ ■ Information updated in the paid version
- Characters and monsters attacking motion work extensively renovated !!
- 5 species in a variety of monster stage implementation of additional actions more thrilling!
- Mini Games extensively renovated jobs;
- Ensuring more fun with the energy and the quest extra work!

■ you paid version update forward ■
- Legend does not feel 100 paid apps during the stage boseumop appeared to Download !!! Add Dungeon Raid!

- Add 30 different stages;
- Guild System;
- Quest system;
- A-Friend system;
- Mini Games diversification.

Android 2.3 и выше

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