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DYNASTY DUELS NINJA VS SAMURAI - сражайтесь за удержание контроля над империей.
It's a war of warriors now! Who dominates who?
Samurai would serve their master and attend in war, oath keepers vowed to protect their kingdom. And here comes the ninjas who travelled in disguise to other territories to judge the situation of the enemy; they would inveigle their way into the midst of the enemy to discover gaps, enter enemy epic citadel castles to set them on fire and carried out assassinations arriving in secret.
Whose Side Are You On?

Your goal in this game is to secure (surround) your epic citadel territory against the warrior samurai! Samurai had other weapons other than their (katana) main swords! This sword was so precious that they often gave them names! They had bows and arrows too. A Samurai would typically wear small plates of iron or leather armor, because it gave them the power of flexibility, while Ninjas wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices everything into pieces throwing stars! Note that there are more of Samurai oath keepers’ warriors coming that can do shuriken block. You better accumulate coins to purchase new items like new weapons for your ninjas and upgrade a ninja new skill. You may need to unlock more power ups to stay in the game. Special weapons and equipment to collect and use include caltrops, shuriken block, different bombs, as well as a variety of potions .Throw shuriken block from epic citadel benchmarks to earn points Support each other and avoid capture. Get help from other ninja characters once you unlock them. You can change customize your character with weapons; outfits and other disguises. Use your teleport ninja fog and fight off the Samurai in light and heavy armor. Start to climb on epic citadel or run on epic citadel benchmark walls, do more ninja jumping. Focus on change weapon, attack; throw weapon and defense to overcome Samurai warriors. Do the ninjas techniques such as Spin Slash, Normal Swing, Downward Slash, Jump Up, Jump Down, Move Left, Move Right, Crouch and Block. You can level up and get more scores too. Show off your ninja assassin skills against the high desert siege storm trained Samurai. There are special achievements and rewards which will boost your game level exploration. The game is an action-adventure game, so enjoy gaming with your friends and race to get the victory!

- Realistic battlefield sounds;
- A historical game;
- Real life desert siege storm combat zone scene;
- Smooth power controls;
- Simple gameplay;
- Collect Stars to buy powerful perks;
- HD Graphics;
- Arcade style graphics;
- Challenging game levels;
- Accomplishments board;
- Rewards board;
- No limited timing;
- Unlock more power ups;
- It's free to play and download nonstop gaming;
- Fast pace scene;
- Endless hours of enjoyment;
- More Ninja characters to unlock.

Choose your team now! Become the fearless oath keepers’ warrior and battle with honor with this real arcade game; Dynasty Duel: Ninja vs. Samurai. Be sure to check out and play this cool slash adventure desert siege storm war game. Defeat your enemies, level up and get the high score. Who dominates who? Play ninja master and make use of your ninja training. Take on a dangerous and exciting mission. 

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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