Лого The Dreamsons - Moving Day

The Dreamsons - Moving Day

13 апреля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Игра на андроид для всей семьи.

PLAY - Every move are 20 to 30 minute sessions of the game, in which each player will take turns to complete their part of the dream.
TELL - The Dreamsons have just moved to San Francisco and have to recover their memories from the world of dreams.

SHARE - During the adventure, it's a good time to tell your child about how many houses and places you've lived in during your lives, what their favorite memories are up to now, and to talk about their dreams.

Be inspired by the life of The Dreamsons to tell your children about your family experiences. Make their trust grow as you have fun together.

Play, tell and share your experiences with The Dreamsons.


Android 2.3 и выше

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