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Лого Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3

Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3


Скриншот Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 №1Скриншот Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 №2Скриншот Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 №3Скриншот Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 №4

Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 - интересная головоломка на андроид по типу "три в ряд", которая в процессе игры ознакомит Вас с историей Египта и принцессой Клеопатрой.

Welcome to the Egyptian wonderland. The paradise of the Egypt princess CLEOPATRA, beauty of the Nile river. Her temple is full of MAGIC JEWELS and gems, but they are covered by the curse of the pharaoh, Set, the god of chaos. It will require a sacrifice for the throne. Cleopatra needs a diamond legend right now, a sweet DIAMOND legend that will have a blast while releasing the curse of the pharaoh from the entire Egyptian wonderland. Feel like a real god of Egypt, just like Ra, Horus or Osiris. It may feel like a PYRAMID run, a journey or puzzle adventure that will never end. But you can be the hero, solve the PUZZLE and achieve her magic jewels and gems. Explore these very addictive match 3 games challenges and win the quest. Ready for a jewelry party? Start this marvelous puzzle game now and be like one of the gods of Egypt!

Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3
# Hundreds of Puzzle Adventure Challenges
Solve the puzzle by completing Egypt princess Cleopatra games, for the beauty of the Nile river. SWAP and MATCH 3 games never been this challenging to sacrifice for the throne!

# Socialize and Play With Friends
Connect through Facebook and send gifts and lives to your FRIENDS. Aks for gifts, keys and have a blast together! Don’t forget to check your mailbox and collect your GIFTS.

# Enchanting Egyptian Wonderland
Enjoy all magic jewels and GEMS, while your pyramid run will be sweet and great! Explore this amazing journey and feel like one of the gods of egypt like Ra (god of the sun), Horus (god of the sky) and help the beauty of the Nile river.

# Sweet Bonus Time
Swap and match 3 magic jewels or diamonds / gems, and achieve a SWEET BONUS. Lay back, stop your pyramid run and win the JACKPOT!

Enter the Egyptian wonderland of Cleopatra games and start your amazing puzzle adventure, BREAK THE CURSE of the pharaoh like a real hero for the throne! This marvelous puzzle game will be an enchanted journey through every temple. Very ADDICTIVE match 3 games like this can have a blast for you, an amazing sacrifice in your free time. Swap and match 3 or more magic jewels or diamonds and collect the gems that you achieve. Finish the quest and win the jackpot! Become the legend of all gods of Egypt and pyramids of Gizah with your pyramid run friends. Socialize and play with friends! Send gifts, request gifts or keys and break the curse of the pharaoh together. Play well and get a SWEET bonus play!

Do you have the gems knowledge to start this marvelous puzzle game? Join the quest of Cleopatra and play with those magic jewels and diamonds. Sweet! Travel through the Egypt wonderland with friends, win every pyramid run and solve the curse of the pharaoh!

Android 2.3 и выше

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Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 v.3.3 [Mod]

- Normal moves;
- Premium account Activated;
- Unlimited Lives;
- Unlimited Boosters;
- Ads Removed.

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