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Лого Black Panther Ferocious

Black Panther Ferocious


Скриншот Black Panther Ferocious №1Скриншот Black Panther Ferocious №2
Скриншот Black Panther Ferocious №3Скриншот Black Panther Ferocious №4

Black Panther Ferocious - приготовьтесь к исследованию своих животных инстинктов.

Prepare you developed your animal instinct in the biggest fight against oneself in deserts and arid plains you panther chosen because it is a black animal and beautiful but that does not attack ferociously defends very emblem of truth.

Travel to the heart of the African savannah deserts of Mongolia go for a wild and dangerous chase or where no man dares to venture hunt zebras defend yourself cons crocodiles you cousin tiger fierce panther.

The shadow of the cat you've bitten you are now envoutez by the bestial side of the force of nature The dim light of day you wake up the claws of a fierce black panther with a bold hunger for danger you pick your raw meat on elephants but other predators attentions phone that the lion in the sector too spineless their Units hunting.



Made with a dynamic 3D animation engine for realism pushed to the extreme all with high-definition HD texture compatible tablet and Google play mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Wild safari hunter and after simulator Panther fierce and the logical continuation of the team and play poo thank you yours supports means a lot to us and hope you come out turn by this new experience.

Android 2.3 и выше

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