Лого Jungle Animal Sniper Hunter

Jungle Animal Sniper Hunter

9 октября 2014 |  AMEPOH


Jungle Animal Sniper Hunter - симулятор охотника.

Jungle sniper animal hunter 2014 in the most stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android.
Let’s begin hunting with jungle sniper animal hunter 2014. Jungle sniper animal hunter is most addictive and amazing action game with full of adventure in most realistic jungle environment with realistic trees, mountain, rain, water lakes and grass etc. Travel in different regions like Africa, Amazon, North America, Everglades etc to hunt world’s most exotic animals. Hunt many jungle animals and also watch for attacking animals like bear, Tiger, Panther etc. Sniper hunter is best game for those who love to hunt animals like deer, bear, zebras, tiger, panther etc in jungle with a sniper gun and you are all alone. This is best for those who are good at sniper gun aiming and shooting. If you are the best in sniper shooting then don’t let the animals to escape. Jungle hunting is full of realistic environment full of 3D graphics, sound effects, rain effects and environment. Animals like deer and zebras are unaware of your hunting so you can hunt them easily but other animals are dangerous so they can attack on you when they know about your presence.Hunting animals is the best hobby for hunter.

Hunting is you passion and also hobby, you decided to hunt animals in hunting season so you travel from your home to hunt animals. Africa Regions is famous for deer hunting and you love to hunt deer, so Africa is your destiny for deer hunting. After hunting deer travel to Amazon, North America and everglades for hunting other animals like zebra, bear, tiger panther etc. You have your sniper gun with a scope for aiming to the targets. You are best at hunting. So start your journey of hunting animals with sniper gun in all around the world. It’s a hunting season so join the hunt today. If you are a hunter then play our hunting game.

Jungle animal sniper hunter is developed for those who love:
• First Person Shooting games;
• Sniper shooting;
• Sniper simulator;
• hunting simulator;
• hunting in jungle;
• animal hunting;
• deer hunter;
• tiger and panther hunter;
• wild animal hunting;
• fps hunting simulator.
Other Features are:
• Realistic jungle environment;
• Water lakes;
• Rain and storm;
• Multiple regions of World like Africa, Amazon, North America, everglades;
• Awesome 3D Graphics and sound effects;
• Sharp Enemy AI like attacking and running of animals;
• Story based hunting;
• Efficient gun control with zoom aiming;
• Best sniper shooting game;
• Best hunting game for hunters.

• Easy Touch and rotate by touching on device screen to rotate shooter view
• Cameras zoom for accurate aiming on target like animals.
• Hunt them before they hunt you.
Download and play our latest game jungle sniper animal hunter 2014 freely and enjoy hunting.

Android 2.3 и выше

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