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Лого Belle’s War

Belle’s War


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Belle’s War - довольно неплохая карточная RPG на андроид.

Belle’s War is the stylishly addictive take on the classic card game, with a few tricks up its sleeve.

It’s “War,” the original card battle game, revved up, Old West style, for phones and tablets.​ Set in the fantasy Wild West of the 1860’s – Belle’s War stars the world’s greatest time-traveling super-heroine, Belle.

This fast paced game has you flipping cards for shootout supremacy against crafty opponents and gunslingers from around the world.




• The top 13 Marshals will appear on the Belle's War TV show with the world's best poker champions! Stay tuned for more info!
• Fast and furious multiplayer action!
• Multiple Primary and Secondary weapons to choose from--Gun, Knife, Lasso, Smoke Bomb, Dynamite and a shot of Tequila!
• See how you stack up against other players around the world with the ‘Marshal Rating’ system!
• Over 20 un-lockable Character Avatars!
• Gorgeous Art!
• A totally fresh take on “War” including weapons and abilities to crush your enemies!

Be among the first to follow the official Belle’s War page on Facebook and you could be one of the lucky 13 who gets followed by Belle herself and Twistory! You’ll also get updates, news, special offers and many more surprises about the game.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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