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Video Track Recorder

21 сентября 2014 |  AMEPOH


TrackDrive is a professional driving performance recorder and analysis tool for the competitive driver.

Start TrackDrive and discover your driving skills!

- Record your track with video, GPS and real time driving performance data
- Real time driving assistance messages
- Select map, satellite or video view while driving
- Play recorded video with overlay data and time synchronous video/map view
- Choose track coloring based on select driving performance data
- See all driving performance data at a given location with the analysis marker
- Mark a segment to get time, distance and max performance numbers for the segment
- Use max markers to quickly identify max performance numbers on the track
- Use the graph view to look at the time profile of select driving performance data
- View all statistics of the total track or the selected segment
- Manage your tracks in the chronological sorted archive
- Export your track data as csv file for video rendering tools or as kml file for Google Earth

Driving performance data:
TrackDrive records speed, lateral acceleration, braking deceleration, longitudinal acceleration, time, distance, GPS position, altitude and number of turns.

Important notice:
For best results please make sure that your device is correctly mounted and adjusted in the car mount holder. The quality of the recording and the precision of the calculated driving dynamics data rely on the quality of the GPS signal. Weather conditions, high buildings, thick forest and mountains impact the GPS signal quality.

If you like to record additional driving performance data like rpm, power, torque, throttle, gear and fuel consumption you need to get the driving experience system DriveDeck Sport that includes a DriveDeck Sport OBD sensor. The English extension of DriveDeck Sport will be available soon.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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