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Лого The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme

The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme


Скриншот The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme №1Скриншот The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme №2
Скриншот The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme №3Скриншот The Greys Apex/Nova/ADW Theme №4

==Designed by Stryker Originals

This is my latest creation called "The Greys". It is a monochromatic theme and matchs just about any color. Grey themes are some of my personal favorites. I hope you guys enjoy this theme as much as I do.


**This theme includes so far**

-6 Stryker Originals custom wallpapers
-180 custom icons
-Icon shader to theme all icons grey
-3 custom dock images for Nova and ADW
-Will add more icons as my time allows.

I design for quality, not quantity for the amount of icons i include. How many icons do you actually put on your homescreens anyways. I have every icon on my device themed. That covers most of the system apps, plus a lot of the more popular apps in the market.
**If you would like to see more icons added to this theme, or there are some missing, please visit my website and use the icon request form, or email me with your requests. I would be more then happy to add them.

*These icons will also work on these launchers:
Nova - auto apply=yes/icon picker=yes
Holo - auto apply=yes/icon picker=yes
ADW - auto apply=yes/icon picker=yes

***To use this theme:

*you must have the latest version of Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher, or Holo Launcher installed on your device to use this theme.

**To use the Apex/Nova theme you must be running Android 4.0 and above
**ADW Theme you must be running Android 2.3.3 and up


***How to Apply the Theme
*click Apex settings/Theme Settings/Choose The Greys from the list then hit apply.
*click Nova settings/Look and feel/icon theme/choose The Greys from the list
*click ADWSettings/Themes/choose Uniom from the list and hit apply

***How to Change Wallpaper**
*click Wallpapers/choose The Greys Wallpapers/choose your wall and hit apply
*click Wallpapers/choose The Greys from the list, choose wall
*click Wallpapers/choose The Greys Wallpapers/choose your wall and hit apply

***How to use the custom dock images
*go to Nova settings/dock/dock style/click image and choose The Greys and select dock you desire
*ADWSettings/Themes/Customize/tap main dock and choose custom/choose The Greys Docks from this list, choose desired dock/hit apply

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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