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Лого Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova)

Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova)


Скриншот Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova) №1Скриншот Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova) №2Скриншот Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova) №3Скриншот Opus - Icon Pack (Apex/Nova) №4

******PLEASE READ*************

Opus is a bright gradient based icon pack meant to pop. It supports 5 launchers for certain, however should be compatible with all launchers that have Icon pack support.

*Action Launcher

850 XXXHDPI Icons rendered at 200x200 px. I plan for weekly updates however that requires action on your part! I purposely skip the use of icon masks so it will encourage you to submit requests.

Please use the following tool to issue requests:*You will need to change the email address to mine*And I will follow up with an update that week, if not day.


1. Go into your launcher settings. Typically located in the top right of your app drawer is a menu icon, tap it and it should give you the option of launcher settings.

2. Find where you apply icons, (For Nova, its under Look and Feel/ For Apex its under Theme Settings.)

3. Select to apply all aspects of Opus Icon Theme.

4. Restart the launcher for it to take full effect.

If you have any other comments, questions or concerns PLEASE email me *See bottom of the page*.


Wallpapers shown not included.

Android 2.2 и выше

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