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Лого Aces of Glory 2014

Aces of Glory 2014


Скриншот Aces of Glory 2014 №1Скриншот Aces of Glory 2014 №2Скриншот Aces of Glory 2014 №3Скриншот Aces of Glory 2014 №4

Aces of Glory 2014 - лучший вертикальный скролл-шутер на андроид.

Gunship Shooter of Glory is the best vertical scrolling shooter game for you to enjoy the charm and power of the best jet fighter domination race available on Android.

Gunship Shooter of Glory 2014 puts you in the pilot seat of a heavily-armed aircraft. As an ace pilot, your mission is to destroy the invasion of Homeland. Now strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of enemy planes and protect yourself from enemy fire. You can also collect a series of power-ups during the game play.

Now let's shoot 'em up together and save planet Earth!

- 50 challenging missions spanning five unique regions;
- Retina display artwork and addictive gameplay;
- Upgrade your aircraft;
- Buy extra strong weapons from supply room;
- Use Shields and Bombs to protect yourself.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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