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Лого Zombie 3D Shooter

Zombie 3D Shooter


Скриншот Zombie 3D Shooter №1Скриншот Zombie 3D Shooter №2Скриншот Zombie 3D Shooter №3Скриншот Zombie 3D Shooter №4

Zombie 3D Shooter is an endless zombie hunting game where you hunt zombies with differently powered guns! But are you an ace shooter and kill all the zombies before they escape?
Objective is to destroy all zombies hiding in bushes! To do so simply aim, tap, tilt and target the deers using guns with different speed and weight. But beware, you have only three chances
____Game Features____
- Fun,challenging and addictive game play
- Easy to play, hard to master game
- Tap to Shoot
- Accelerometer Control
- Stunning graphics & sound effects
- Leadreboard Integration

Get ready to aim & shoot; compete against friends and be the master hunter. Download the game for your Android Device now!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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