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Лого Glory of War Legend

Glory of War Legend


Скриншот Glory of War Legend №1Скриншот Glory of War Legend №2Скриншот Glory of War Legend №3Скриншот Glory of War Legend №4

Сыграйте в Glory of War Legend и Вам обязательно понравится эта игра.

Play Glory of War Legend now and you will definitely enjoy it!

You have to control the motorcycle and its movement so that it will collect and strike all coins. Remember there will be other strikers whom are your rivals and there are 1945 of them. You just have to be prepared all the time.

Move the motorcycle to the left and right and make sure you strike any coin along the way. Each coin gives you one point. Other strikers are all moving toward you and trying hard to beat you but you must know that you have 1945 points to collect.

- Perfect combination of puzzle and game entertainment;
- Gorgeous visual effects and smooth game control;
- Vivid background music;
- Numerous power-ups give you more fun!

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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