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Лого Zombie Run Mania

Zombie Run Mania


Скриншот Zombie Run Mania №1Скриншот Zombie Run Mania №2Скриншот Zombie Run Mania №3Скриншот Zombie Run Mania №4

Zombie Run Mania - отличная зомби-аркада от создателей Assault Commando.

Discover the craziest drag-racing games ever created for your device! Are you ready for some crazy zombie action? Customize your own character appearance, race with your zombie at various locations, collect your favorite skills and challenge your opponents for more unlocks and rewards!

You can customize your racer zombie with different kind of body types, accessories and weapons. In addition boosters not only looking good, but gives you more speed on the track

Many different unlockable racing skills (speed up, dirty tricks, avoidance, etc.). Select your own skill setting in order to defeat your opponents.

Race against rich variety of opponents on 4 different locations. Each opponent has different strength and weak point, therefore you’ll need to select your skills wisely. Challenging final races against the boss of the land.




- Easy gameplay, even for kids;
- Character customization;
- Breathtaking 3D graphics;
- Amazing racing challenges;
- Dozens of powerful epic skills;
- Tournaments on unique places;
- Boosters for more velocity.

Android 2.3 и выше

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