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Лого Xtreme Dirtz

Xtreme Dirtz


Скриншот Xtreme Dirtz №1Скриншот Xtreme Dirtz №2Скриншот Xtreme Dirtz №3Скриншот Xtreme Dirtz №4

Xtreme Dirtz - игра на андроид, расчитанная не на новичков, а на реальных геймеров.

This trial game brings thrill in you while going through amazing courses which allows you to use all your learned skills from such games...but listen... you have to be a true gamer to beat this one.

Compete with yourself first and then make your friends praise you for winning among them.

Beat your friends in Game Leader-boards on Google+, jump over the obstacles, back-flip the bike and reach the finish line ...




- Most advanced game physics on mobile;
- More than 20 levels/courses to bring in the thrill;
- Six environments- Deserts, Mountains, City, Factory, plains, and clouds;
- Option to select your control type- Tilt or Touch;
- Global and close circle leader-board;
- High Definition graphics really speaks out with two camera modes- fixed and dynamic;
- 3 Graphics quality to choose from;
- Awesome sound FX and background music.

... still reading?...Try it Buddy...


КЭШ кидать в: sdcard/Android/obb

Android 2.3 и выше

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