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Лого Vivo



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Vivo - забавный платформер, который проверит Ваш умения и рефлексы.

Vivo is a fun, fast paced platformer that will test your skill and challenge your reflexes.

The rules are simple. Tilt the screen to move Vivo left and right and tap to make Vivo jump! The platforms continuously move downwards, so you have to jump constantly to avoid falling off! Platforms have different colours that do different things, including yellow (which add 100 points to your score), blue (which makes Vivo shrink), grey (which begin to fade away when you jump on them) as well as the rare rainbow platforms! There are also power-ups that benefit Vivo, such as score multipliers and double jumps.

Currently there are two different game-modes, classic and endless. In classic, there are levels that get progressively harder, aiming to teach you how to play. In endless, the game begins with easy platforms that move slowly, and as the game progresses the platforms move faster and become more varied.

There is a free version available with adverts, but if you don't want ads and would like to support me, please buy this version!

Android 2.3 и выше

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